If you want to measure not only the entire transmission through a sample or reflection on a sample, but also directional and scattered components as well as Haze values separately and at different angles of incidence, we recommend the MountainSphere-100-P.

The MountainSphere-100-P measurement system has been specially designed to meet multiple customer requirements, but can also be customized.

MountainSphere-100-P consists of a closed integrating sphere with an upper round input port. The sphere is mounted on a stand, on which three collimating lenses are mounted above the sphere. Each lens produces a collimated beam through the entire sphere at different angles of incidence. On the opposite side of the sphere there is a corresponding output port, which can either be opened or closed. In this way, total transmission and scattered transmission can be measured separately. From the measured data, the directional part and the Haze value of the transmission can then be determined. The light collected inside the sphere can be diverted via an SMA connector.

For reflection measurements, the collimated beam can alternatively be coupled into the sphere on the underside via collimating lenses at different angles, whereby the total or scattered reflection is captured on the sample.