Liquid light guide coupled LED light sources of Prizmatix

The liquid light guide coupled LED light sources from Prizmatix have been specially developed for microscopy and OEM applications that require a particularly high and homogeneous illumination. They are used for example in machine vision systems, confocal microscopes and life science instrumentation.

Due to their compact design with the low-noise controller integrated into the housing, these light sources can be used almost anywhere and can be integrated very well as OEM components.

The various control options via I²C, TTL, analog input or USB make power regulation very easy. Thanks to the optimization of the light guide coupling, the optical power is particularly high and reaches up to 5000 mW after a 1 m long light guide (NA 0.6, 5000 µm core).

The main features of the liquid light guide coupled LED light sources are:

  • Optimized for liquid light guide coupling and extremely high optical power
  • Various control options (analog, TTL, USB, potentiometer, I²C)
  • USB control compatible with µManager, Labview, Matlab and many more
  • Analog and TTL inputs are optically isolated
  • Low-noise controller
  • Long lifetime, typically >10,000 hours
  • Liquid light guide (LLG) connector
  • Each LED comes with a test report

Please give us a call. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the right LED light source and accessories for your application.

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    Overview of liquid light guide coupled LED light source

    Special features - extremely high optical power
    - remote control by I²C
    - ideal as OEM component
    Wavelengthswhite & monochromatic
    Optical power1••• / ••••2
    Price••• / ••••2
    Controllerbuilt into the housing
    TTL input
    Analogue input
    USB-Control (optional)4
    Available wavelengths 5 [nm]365, 385, 405, 455, 470, 525, 545, 560, 625, 630,
    white: 420-675
    (with 5700 / 6500 K, different spectra and high CRI available)
    Variants ---
    Collimated equivalent LEDUHP-T-DI / UHP-T-MP
    Legend: • lowest value •••• highest value of all our LED types
    1: after 1 m liquid light guide (LLG), 5000 µm core, NA 0,6
    2: depending on wavelength
    3: via fiber-coupled remote control
    4: via external USB-CTRL
    5: status 20.01.2019