Laser pumped plasma light source with medium radiance and power:

The XWS-65 is a laser pumped plasma light source of medium brilliance and power from Isteq.

The principle of XWS light sources is based on the well-known phenomenon of optical discharge. A CW laser is used to drive the Xenon plasma. During operation, the light source works without electrodes, which leads to a significant longer lifetime. The laser operation also ensures high radiance (brilliance, brightness) and excellent performance in the UV range.

The light sources were developed as a replacement for traditional gas discharge lamps (deuterium, halogen, xenon etc.) and LEDs and are ideal for coupling into narrow slits of a monochromator / spectrometer or optical system.

The XWS-65 offers high brilliance and power over a very wide spectral range from 190 – 2500 nm and features a 1“ window, where the light can be coupled out via mirrors or lenses. The light source is available optionally with fiber coupling, two output windows or retroreflectors to increase the performance.

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