Miniature Stages and Positioners

Miniature linear Stages:

  • Ultra small, very small and small micropositioners with travels of 3mm, 5mm and 10mm
  • X, XY, XZ & XYZ micropositioner
  • Fiber rotator, fiber holder
  • Micrometer options
  • Other accessories

Elliot Martock is known for his outstanding quality and features in the compact linear stages. The precision-engineered very small dovetail slides support outstanding precision, smooth-running and backlash-free movement.
Various sizes and travel ranges are offered, as well as different configurations such as X, XY and XYZ as well as some non-magnetic and suitable for vacuum applications special versions are available.

Rotation Stages:

  • Small and very small rotation stages
  • Precise adjustment with high resolution
  • 8mm or 20mm bores
  • Vernier scale options
  • Other accessories

ELLIOT Scientific has a very broad product range. These precision-engineered rotary holders are available in various sizes, different bore holes and with fine adjustment tangent screws. The lapped bearings allow a smooth 360 ° rotation.

Tilt Stages:

  • High-precision tilting stage
  • 2, 4 and 5 axles
  • Micrometer options
  • Kinematic gimbal construction
  • Other accessories

The ELLIOT Scientific precision tilt stages have a kinematic gimbal design for angle adjustment. This gives an independent adjustment of the two axes of the linear micropositioner and the rotation system.

XY Lens Positioners:

  • Centering lens holder
  • From ½ “to 2” (12.5 mm to 50mm)
  • Practical clamping sleeve design
  • Smooth motion

The manufacturer offers here a number of economical products. In addition, X and Y stages can be retrofitted for lens centering for example in an optical laboratory use. The sleeve clamp simplifies and guarantees fast attachment of optics even with different thickness.

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