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Quantum Northwest offers a wide range of temperature controlled single and multi-cell holders for many applications. Choose from a wide variety of stand-alone units or select a specific cell holder for your existing spectrometer. They are available to fit all major spectrometers like by Agilent, Aimil Chirascan, Aminco-Bowman, Dynamica, Edinburgh Instruments, Hitachi, Horiba, IBH, ISS, […]

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Avantes offers various cuvette holders suitable for fiber optic spectrometers, but also for many other applications. Holder for 10×10 mm standard cuvettes: for absorption measurement: CUV—UV/VIS for fluorescence measurement: CUV-UV-FL-UV/VIS for absorption and fluorescence measurement: CUV-ALL-UV/VIS for direct mounting to an AvaLight light source: CUV-DA-xxx for direct mounting to an AvaLight light source with integrated filter holder and […]

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