5000-FEL 1000 W Halogen Light Source

This 1000 W tungsten-halogen light source produces an absolutely calibrated irradiance of 250 nm to 2500 nm. It can be configured as a simple lamp, but it bears the ANSI designation and is calibrated to the 2000 NIST Irradiance Scale, or together with numerous accessories such as a lamp holder, an alignment jig, a lamp housing, a power supply unit and a shunt box. Calibration is directly traceable to NIST.

The following components can be ordered separately:

Model 5000-16C Halogen lamp

Selected and pre-aged halogen-1000 W FEL lamp with absolute irradiance calibrated at 250-1100nm.

Model 5000-17 Alignment Jig

For the exact alignment of the lamp on the optical axis, contains a flat glass window with grid cross marking.

Model 5000-18 Lamp Holder

The kinematic holder in combination with the alignment jig 5000-17 ensures a precise positioning of the lamp. The base plate allows easy integration into the 5000-6 lamp housing.

Model 5000-6 Lamp Housing

  • Compact and portable design
  • Shields light rays from the environment
  • Prevents reflection-induced stray light
  • Special design and various fans ensure constant lamp temperature

Model 5000-2C DC Power Supply unit

  • Network balancing: 0.05%
  • Output current: 0 to 18 A
  • Output voltage: 0 to 120 V
  • Programmable accuracy: 120 mV, 12 mA
  • Noise from 20 Hz to 20 MHz: 1.9 mV rms, 16 mV peak-to-peak, 12 mA rms
  • Long-term stability: 0.05 % per 8 hours, 0.1 % per 1000 hours
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