Neutral density filter

ASAHI Spectra Gray Filters are reflective ND filters that are used to reduce light intensity. The applied chromium layer attenuates by mainly reflecting the light and only partially absorbing it. The ASAHI Spectra ND filters are designed to reproduce the spectral performance as unchanged as possible, especially in the VIS range, without changing the relative spectral distribution of the energy. The grey filters can be used in the wavelength range from UV to IR, as the substrate material used is quartz glass.

There are 6 different attenuation rates available.

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    • Chemistry
    • Biotechnology
    • Medical technology
    • Semiconductor industry
    • Photovoltaics and more

    Overview of neutral density filters

    DescriptionTransmission (%) Item#
    25mm dia.
    Neutral Density Filter / 1% 1XND0001ZND0001
    Neutral Density Filter / 3% 3XND0003ZND0003
    Neutral Density Filter / 6% 6XND0006ZND0006
    Neutral Density Filter / 12% 12XND0012ZND0012
    Neutral Density Filter / 25% 25XND0025ZND0025
    Neutral Density Filter / 50% 50XND0050ZND0050

    The bandpass filters are available as standard only in round 25mm diameter.

    The short pass filters are available in two standard sizes:

    • Round with 25mm diameter or
    • Square 50x50mm

    Special cuts or customized filters with other passages or blocking ranges can be made. Please contact your technical advisor for more information.