Tools for micromanipulators

Micro Support’s various tools for micromanipulators are required for different applications.

All tools listed below are suitable for Quick Pro, Axis Pro and Axis Pro FC.

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    ToolsVariationMaterialFields of applicationPicture
    Tungsten needle0.2µm diameter up to 30µm diameterTungstenPoking, scrubbing, scraping, peeling, cutting, picking up, carrying
    Tungsten carbide (hard metal)Knife and fork form, needle, scraperTungsten carbide Marking, poking, scrubbing, scraping, peeling, cutting, carrying
    Micro knifeOne-sided or double-sided ground bladeStainless steelCutting, separating, engraving, picking up, peeling and trimming
    Ruby knifeOne-sided or double-sided ground bladeRubyCutting, separating, engraving, picking up, peeling and trimming
    Micro pipette5µm inner diameter up to 20µm inner diameterQuartz glassReception of solids with vacuum set, liquid transfer with microinjector
    Sample probeDiameter 2µm to 7µmQuartz glassFIB liftout
    Flex probeDiameter 5µmPBTExplore and capture
    Milling ProCan be combined with tungsten carbide toolssee toolsMilling, marking
    Vacuum SetCan be combined with micropipettesee toolsPicking up solids from difficult positions
    Micro injectorCan be combined with micro pipettesee toolsDispensing and receiving picolitre of liquid
    Micro tweezersTip diameter from 15µm to 50µmStainless steelGripping and grasping of samples
    Micro scissors-Stainless steelCutting
    Rotation unitCan be combined with all metal and glass tools-Turning