GEMINI Interferometer


GEMINI is an innovative and compact interferometer that guarantees a very high robustness and stability between the two generated light replicas.

GEMINI is perfectly suited for time- and frequency-resolved fluorescence measurements, coherent Raman spectroscopy, pump-probe experiments and fluorescence microscopy of single molecules.

Special features:

  • high light throughput → high sensitivity
  • ≈1 attosecond stability between the two light replicas
  • fast scans (< 1 second)
  • scanning range can be defined by user
  • compact and reasonable
  • insensitive to vibrations


The GEMINI-2D is an advanced version of the GEMINI interferometer, specifically designed to

  • keep the dispersion constant during the scan of the relative delay between the two generated light replicas.
  • to keep the absolute arrival time of one of the two replicas (with attosecond stability).

With the ability to generate two collinear replicas of the light the GEMINI-2D is the ideal instrument for time-resolved measurements where maintaining the pulse duration and the synchronization with another light pulse is critical to ensure the time resolution.

Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy (2DES)

The GEMINI-2D was developed for two-dimensional experiments in electronic spectroscopy (2DES) to generate a pair of collinear phase-locked and ultrashort pump pulses.

It simplifies the experimental setup for generating the required phase-locked pulse pair for sample excitation and guarantees the control of the relative delay between the pulse replicas with sub-attosecond precision and long-term reproducibility.

The 2DES setup with GEMINI-2D is much more compact, easier to operate and more cost-effective than with diffractive optical beam splitters, pulse shapers or active path length stabilization.