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Newsletter 2/21

With the Spanish start up LEDMOTIVE we are happy to welcome a new manufacturer at Mountain Photonics! Since 2012 the company - born as a spin-off of the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research and based in Barcelona - developes multispectral light sources and pocket-size spectrometers. (more…)

Newsletter 1/21

After some intense months of product development, we are proud to present the first highlight in the new year: the new MountainSphere, which is developed 100 % by Mountain Photonics under the brand Mountain Instruments. This flexible mulitpurpose integrating sphere allows various measurements - in an easy and convenient way. We are happy to present the MountainSphere in detail to you - or to arrange a product demonstration onsite. We are looking forward to your request! Read newsletter in webview

Newsletter 9/20

New is always better? Not necessarily. Our partner Ă„pre Instruments proves that it can make perfect sense to update an aging interferometer with a comprehensive upgrade: The savings potential of an upgrade compared to a new investment is up to 60%. Read newsletter in webview

Newsletter 7/20

There are different reasons why our customers value our service for custom optical measurements. For example, they want to measure a sample, but do not have the right measuring equipment in their laboratory. Or they are interested in investing in an instrument but would like to be convinced of its quality first. This is where we come in. Our dark laboratory, equipped with the latest technology from our manufacturers, offers extensive possibilities for this. Read newsletter in webview

Newsletter 6/20

Since March this year, Raman spectroscopy has received considerable attention among scientists joining the research on COVID-19. Raman spectroscopy offers a powerful diagnostic method for observing molecular changes within the sample. Variations of this diagnostic technique, such as SERS (Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering) or TERS (Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering) allow even deeper insights into trace analysis. Some of the research approaches in the field of Covid-19 that are currently being explored with these methods can be found in our article on Raman construction with the new Samogitian® series from Integrated Optics. Newsletter in der Webansicht lesen