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GoyaLab: Modular handheld spectrometers for absorption, fluorescence, reflection and transmission

The Spanish painter Francisco de Goya spent the last years of his life in Bordeaux, France. He was not only very productive there, but also left a great impression on the local population, which continues to this day. Thus, due to his extraordinary use of colors, the exceptional artist also served as inspiration in finding the name of our new partner GoyaLab. (more…)

LED-solar simulators from G2V: Sunlight replication for advanced research

As promised, we only write when we have something to say. And we do have something to say with two great announcements: With G2V from Canada, we have found a future-oriented, forward-thinking partner who is taking solar simulation to the next level with the help of LED technology. In addition, our long-time partner Si-Ware is taking a big step forward with the launch of its NeoSpectra LabStore, providing users of the NeoSpectra scanner with a wide range of analysis models. And that's just the beginning.... Read newsletter in webview

Newsletter 2/21

With the Spanish start up LEDMOTIVE we are happy to welcome a new manufacturer at Mountain Photonics! Since 2012 the company - born as a spin-off of the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research and based in Barcelona - developes multispectral light sources and pocket-size spectrometers. (more…)

Newsletter 1/21

After some intense months of product development, we are proud to present the first highlight in the new year: the new MountainSphere, which is developed 100 % by Mountain Photonics under the brand Mountain Instruments. This flexible mulitpurpose integrating sphere allows various measurements - in an easy and convenient way. We are happy to present the MountainSphere in detail to you - or to arrange a product demonstration onsite. We are looking forward to your request! Read newsletter in webview

Newsletter 9/20

New is always better? Not necessarily. Our partner √Ąpre Instruments proves that it can make perfect sense to update an aging interferometer with a comprehensive upgrade: The savings potential of an upgrade compared to a new investment is up to 60%. Read newsletter in webview