Mobile laser beam profiler systems

Huaris One Mobi and Huaris Five Mobi

Huaris Mobi is the first mobile laser beam profiler system. For laboratories, the use of Huaris Mobi means saving space as well as significantly less effort in moving the equipment to the operation site.
Huaris Mobi consists of two components: the compact laser beam profiler Huaris One or Huaris Five and a 7“ tablet with preinstalled software. The system is delivered ready for operation and only needs to be connected to the power supply.


A complete – and the world’s first – system that allows easy measurement of beam parameters and their monitoring over time. The use of a conventional computer is not required, as this has been replaced by a compact tablet.

The Huaris Mobi Set comprises the following solutions:

  • Laser beam width measurement according to ISO 11146 (Measurement of the laser including Gaussian or Lorentzfit, measurement of elliptical beams, momentum measurement.)
  • Monitoring the stability of the laser beam position
  • Automatic beam center search
  • 2D and 3D visualization
  • Automatic selection of measurement parameters
  • Cooperation with the cloud for long-term storage of measurement data
  • Automatic detection of artifacts in the beam by artificial intelligence algorithms in the cloud