Huaris Cloud

Laser Cloud system

The Huaris Cloud web application allows the measurement data acquired with the Laser Beam Profiler or the Powermeter to be stored in the Cloud.
It allows monitoring and evaluation of the characteristic parameters of the laser beam over longer periods of time. Optionally, this can also be done remotely and the measurement data can be stored for the long term. Likewise, a preview of the distribution of the laser beam intensity can be used remotely.
The beam profiler is connected to a PC (Huaris One oder Five) or a tablet (Huaris Mobi). The data is sent to the database server, processed in the cloud and made available to the user.
The Cloud is compatible with all common web browsers and end devices. The data is thus available to the user on any PC or mobile device.


  • AI support: the AI is calibrated to your conditions through machine learning, then independently detects trends in your monitored laser parameters, warns when limits are exceeded, and suggests reasons and solutions for problems that have emerged
  • Monitor your lasers remotely: through the Huaris Cloud, lasers can be monitored on one computer whether they are in the same room, in the next building, or in other locations around the world
  • Sensitive laser systems: by changing laser parameters, it is also possible to monitor constant conditions such as in manufacturing
  • Long-term monitoring: You can monitor the laser parameters yourself at any time, but even in your absence they will continue to be evaluated and recorded by the AI
  • Safe & easy: Access to stored measurement data is exclusively restricted to the user. The cloud application can be unsubscribed at any time.
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