Laser Vibrometer Quartet

The devices of the Quartet series are based on homodyne interferometry combined with a multi-detector setup consisting of 25 detector pairs. This setup is necessary to control the interfering effects caused by laser speckles and to make the procedure very user-friendly.

The output signal is a time-variable analog voltage that is proportional to the instantaneous surface displacement in the nm range. The upper cut-off frequency is up to 100 MHz depending on the type.

Application examples

Material investigation over the complete volume, e.g. representation of blowholes deep inside a metal body

Thickness measurement of any body.

Representation of holes or defects on the back of an object.

Representation of delamination on composite materials such as GFRP and CFRP. Pulsed detection lasers can be used to avoid thermal damage to the material.


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    • Laser wavelength independent
    • Non-contact and therefore even possible on glowing parts
    • The detector head is fiber-coupled and can therefore be mounted almost anywhere
    • VIS to IR possible
    • Can be used on fast moving objects
    • High sensitivity on all surface types and materials
    • Laser with continuous or pulsed (reduction of thermal stress on the object) detection