RS-7 SpectralLED Tunable Light Source

The RS-7 tunable multichannel LED light source consists of an array of 32 LED channels of different wavelengths and three white light channels for the visible wavelength range from 380 nm to 1000 nm. For the IR range there is the RS-7-SWIR with 9 LED channels from 910 nm to 1650 nm.
By combining several channels and using a specially developed synthesis engine, CIE Illuminant or MacbethTM/ X-RITETM color spectra as well as any broadband spectra can be simulated.
A firmware-based mode calculates in real time from the stored calibration data and the selected target spectrum both the radiance and luminance at the output port and the irradiance and illuminance at the user-specific working distance.
The homogenization as well as the light emission are different depending on the version. However, the output light is absolutely calibrated for both radiometrically and photometrically measurement and NIST-traceable. The stability of the light source is over 99.99 %.

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    RS-7-LambdaMeter option

    This wavelength monitoring system is an upgrade for the RS-7 light source. It consists of three photodiodes, each with an independent transimpedance amplifier with five gain ranges for each channel. Optical filters allow both the amplitude and the wavelength to be determined in real time with an accuracy of +/-0.25 nm and a reproducibility of +/-0.05 nm and returned as feedback to the control electronics. This additionally increases the wavelength accuracy of the RS-7.

    RS-7-1-Iris Option

    This iris upgrade allows the aperture of the RS-7-1 light source to be infinitely adjusted. The stepper motor is controlled via the SpectralLED Assistant software or via the API commands. The output intensity is absolutely calibrated.


    This standard version of the RS-7 is suitable for homogeneous irradiance of small objects or surfaces. With the built-in 200 mm integrating sphere and the 75 mm output port, the RS-7-1 is approximately equivalent to a Lambert radiator. The RS-7-1 is particularly suitable for testing and calibrating cameras, camera lenses or optical sensors. This light source is also available for the NIR range:



    Gamma Scientific’s RS-7-2 is the perfect solution for illuminating larger objects such as large lenses or wafer detectors. The principle of the RS-7-1 is simply upscaled, whereby the following sizes are offered:

    Sphere diameterMax Exit Port diameterNumber of spectralLED®
    500 mm150 mm1 to 2
    1000 mm300 mm1 to 4
    2000 mm600 mm1 to 8

    The connected spectralLED® light sources are all synchronized and controlled simultaneously. The absolute calibration refers again to the output port of the sphere.


    The fiber-coupled version of the RS-7-1 is the third version of the RS-7 spectrally tunable LED light source. Up to six fiber outputs per light source can be ordered. In this case, the absolute calibration for radiance or irradiance refers to the fiber output. The fibers are 6.35 mm thick with a numerical aperture of 0.55. The length of the fibers can be customized. This makes the RS-7-3 ideal for fluorescence excitation, medical imaging or generally an alternative halogen- or xenon-based fiber-coupled system.


    For the direct irradiance of wafers, especially for the widely used CCD and CMOS sensor tests, the RS-7-4 was specially developed. The geometry of the light source is flexibly adaptable and can therefore be ideally integrated into the production line as an automatic test system.


    The RS-7-6 was specially developed for requirements with a high FOV (Field of View) of up to 180°. The diffusely transparent integrating sphere is illuminated from the outside so that a homogeneously distributed radiance of 97% is achieved within the sphere. This light source is ideally suited for fisheye lenses or ultra-wide FOV cameras.


    With the help of this light booth, any lighting environment can be simulated very quickly. This visual analysis of colour and lighting can be used very well in photography, product presentation or applications with special lighting design.


    The OEM version of the RS-7 offers modular SpectralLED® solutions with high resolution and accuracy for customer-specific configurations. Control electronics, layout and wavelength selection of LED devices, optics or optical fibers, wavelength monitoring and detector/feedback systems can be combined or modified to meet customer specific requirements.