Laser Beam Profiler

Huaris 1

Huaris 1 is an inexpensive, durable and easy to use laser beam profiler. The device delivers exactly the required information on beam quality, using a lean software, which is not overloaded with excessive data. This also allows the easy generation of measurement reports. The datasheet gives you an overview of the available functions.

The robust metal housing features a Mini USB port and contains sensors of leading suppliers of CMOS-arrays. Filters or lenses can be attached to the C-mounting.

The thought out hard- and software allows a huge variety of functions and fast and easy measurement at the same time.

Huaris Mobi

Huaris Mobi is the first mobile laser beam profiler. For laboratories, the use of Huaris Mobi means space savings as well as significantly less effort when moving the devices to the operating location.

Huaris Mobi consists of two components: the compact laser beam profiler Huaris 1 and a 7” tablet with software. The system is delivered ready to use and only needs to be connected to the power supply.


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    Laser Cloud System

    The cost-free laser cloud system allows cloud storage of the measured data.


    • Long-term monitoring of the trends of characteristic parameters of the laser beam
    • Remote viewing of the laser activity
    • Remote preview of the distribution of the laser beam intensity

    The Beam Profiler is connected to a PC (Huaris 1) or a tablet (Huaris Mobi). The data is sent to the database server, processed in the cloud and made available to the user.

    The cloud is compatible with all common web browsers and devices, which makes the data available to the user on any PC or mobile device.



    The high measurement accuracy of the Huaris devices has been confirmed by benchmarking experiments in an independent, globally recognized laser R&D center.

    Dual Mode

    The automatic mode is perfect for quickly adjusting the camera parameters at start or long-run measurements.
    In manual mode, the parameters can be adjusted exactly to specific measurement requirements.


    Real-time noise correction methods and algorithms developed by the manufacturer maximize measurement accuracy. A recalibration before each measurement is not necessary.

    2D- & 3D-View

    With the Huaris software the beam can be viewed in 2D and 3D. In addition, sections of the beam can be displayed in preferred colour schemes. The 3D view is interactive, the view angle can be individually selected. With the position indicators in the beam display, unusual beam areas can be measured accordingly.

    Reporting Tools

    A large number of very easy-to-use reporting functions save the measurement reports of the beam profile e.g. as pdf files, or additionally as video or image files.

    Standarized Beam Parameters

    The measurement results correspond to standardized beam characteristics according to ISO 11146: FWHM, 1/e, 1/e2, 4σ for the horizontal and vertical alignment of Gaussian and elliptical beam profiles. Additionally, the parameters of the Lorentz distribution and also snapshots for statistical purposes can be generated.


     Huaris OneHuaris Mobi
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