Laser Beam Profiler Huaris ONE and Huaris FIVE

Huaris ONE and Huaris FIVE

Huaris One and Huaris Five are compact, durable and easy-to-use laser beam profilers. They provide exactly the beam quality information that is actually needed, using streamlined software, which makes it easy to generate measurement reports.
The two cameras feature rugged metal housings and include sensors from leading CMOS array suppliers. Filters or lenses can be attached to the C-mount connector, and connection to the computer and measurement program is via USB port (One: USB 2.0 Mini, Five: USB-C). The housings are also designed for use with optomechanical components by small windings.
The advanced hardware and software allow a wide variety of functions while providing fast and easy measurement. The AI-assisted software has been optimized to provide evaluation of measurement data and report generation within a few steps.


Accuracy:The high measurement precision of Huaris devices has been confirmed by benchmarking experiments at an independent, globally recognized laser R&D center. Measurement accuracy can be adjusted to individual requirements via resolution and pixel size.
Dual mode:The automatic mode is ideal for quickly entering camera parameters for start-up or long-term measurements, while the parameters can be precisely adjusted to personal measurement requirements in manual mode.
DNC Technology: Using real-time noise correction methods and algorithms developed by the manufacturer, measurement accuracy is maximized. Recalibration before each measurement is not necessary.
2D- & 3D-view: With the Huaris software, the beam can be viewed in 2D and 3D. In addition, cuts through the beam can be displayed in preferred color schemes. The 3D view is interactive, the viewing angles can be chosen individually. With the positioning indicators in the beam display, non-standard beam ranges can be measured accordingly.
Measurement reports: A variety of very easy-to-use reporting functions saves the measurement reports of the beam profile e.g. as PDF files, or additionally as movie or image files.
Default measurement data: The measurement results correspond to standardized beam characteristics according to ISO 11146: FWHM, 1/e, 1/e2, 4σ for the horizontal as well as the vertical alignment of Gaussian and elliptical beam profiles. Additionally, the parameters of Lorentz distribution and also snapshots for statistical purposes can be generated.


Functional capabilities
Huaris OneHuaris Five
Beam width parametersFWHM, 1/e2, 1/e, 4σ statistical moments to 4th for X and Y directions independently
Beam pointing stabilityCustomizable in Cartesian and Polar coordinates
Auto centeringCenter of beam is found automatically
Manual measurement toolsCursors: horizontal, vertical, free-hand;
spot probe, zoom-in lens
Automatic detection of beam artefacts and trendsYes, with cloud backed and artificial intelligence
Long term data storageYes, via cloud system in the web browser
Remote previewYes, via cloud system in the web browser
FittingGauss and Lorentz fit for X and Y direction independently, returning distribution parameters
Beam geometryAstigmatic and elliptical
Metrology3 types of cursors for manual measurement
Visualization2D and 3D
Calculation of frequencyUp to 4 Hz
FPS1-14, 1 fps increment1-25, 1 fps increment
Exposure time0.067-79.94 ms, 0.21 s increment0.12-24.62 ms, 0.3 s increment
Parameters setup modeAuto and manual
Operation modeFree run or hardware triggering
Noise correctionDNC technology ( User manual for description)
ISO standards referenceISO 11146-1, ISO 11146-2, ISO 11146-3
Software languageEnglish, Polish
*Options only available in subscription model, but with 3 months of free testing

SensBeam geometry and mechanics
Huaris OneHuaris Five
Pixel class1.3 megapixels5 megapixels
Resolution1.31 megapixels5.04 megapixels
Resolution (h×v)1280 × 1024 px2592 × 1944 px
Aspect ratio5:44:3
ADC10 bit12 bit
Color depth (camera)8 bit12 bit
Optical sensor class1/2‘‘1/2.5‘‘
Optical size6.656 mm × 5.325 mm5.702 mm × 4.277 mm
Optical sensor diagonal8.52 mm (1/1.88‘‘)7.13 mm (1/2.24‘‘)
Pixel size5.20 µm2.20 µm
Sensor manufacturerONSEMI
Sensor modelMT9M001STMAr0521
Sensor typeCMOS Mono
ShutterRolling Shutter
Sensor characteristicsLinear
Readout modeProgressive scan
Operating conditions
Temperature (operation)0 - 55 °C
Temperature (storage)-20 - 60 °C-20 - 80 °C
Humidity (relative, non-condensing)20 - 80 %
Interface connectorUSB 2.0 mini-BUSB-C, Standard 3.1
Power supplyUSB cable
Interface speed0.47 Gbps5.00 Gbps
IP codeNo

Laser Cloud System

With the cloud system provided free of charge, the acquired measurement data can be stored in the cloud.
It allows monitoring of the characteristic parameters of the laser beam over longer periods of time. Optionally, this can also be done remotely and the measurement data can be stored long-term. Likewise, a preview of the distribution of the laser beam intensity can be used remotely.
The Beam Profiler is connected to a PC (Huaris One or Five) or a tablet (Huaris Mobi). The data is sent to the database server, processed in the cloud and made available to the user.
The cloud is compatible with all common web browsers and end devices. The data is consequently available to the user on any PC or mobile device.