Accessories for laser diode controllers and temperature controllers

In addition to mounts for laser diodes and LEDs, Arroyo also supplies suitable accessories such as connecting cables, rack mounting kits, temperature sensors, etc.


Connection cables for current controllers

Cables for different laser currents are available to connect an Arroyo current controller to an Arroyo mount, as well as connection cables with an open end to connect your own load.

ModelMax. currentLengthConnector 1Connector 2Special feature
1220B4 A ( 8 A)2 mDB-9MDB-9FTwisted Pair
1221B4 A ( 8 A)2 mDB-9MPigtailTwisted Pair
1228C20 A2 m9W4M9W4Flaser diode only
1229C20 A2 m9W4MPigtaillaser diode only
For Micro 5.6 and 9.0 only
1224AJanuary 1, 19702 mDB-9MTO-BuchseTyp A: LDA / PDC Common
1224BJanuary 1, 19702 mDB-9MTO-BuchseTyp B: LDC / PDC Common
1224CJanuary 1, 19702 mDB-9MTO-BuchseTyp C: LDC / PDA Common

Connection cables for temperature controllers

Arroyo offers suitable connection cables for different TEC currents to connect an Arroyo temperature controller to an Arroyo mount, as well as connection cables with open ends to connect your own load.

ModelMax. CurrentLengthConnector 1Connector 2Special feature
1260B5 A2 mDB-15MDB-15F
1261B5 A2 mDB-15MPigtail
1262B10 A2 mDB-15MDB-15F4-wire connection for RTD
1263B10 A2 mDB-15MPigtail4-wire connection for RTD
1262B-17W210 A2 mDB-15M17W2F4-wire connection for RTD
126430 A2 m17W2M17W2F
1264-DB1515 A2 m17W2MDB15F

More accessories

For detailed information on other accessories such as mounting kits for 19″ racks, thermistors, Pt100 sensors, thermal epoxy etc. please refer to the Arroyo Instruments website.