Broad (290 to 380nm ) UV bandpass filter

Nearly 50 years of experience in coating processes and the new Magnetron Sputtering Technology combined with Japanese discipline, enables such outstanding specifications in all types of filters.

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    • Spectroradiometry
    • Medical Diagnostics
    • Chemical Analysis
    • Colorimetry
    • Astronomy
    • Wherever spectral isolation is required

    Product features:

    The wide UV bandpass filter is designed to effectively let the UV light through and block the light up to 2000nm.
    The U-340 coloured glass is used as the substrate and coated with an interference film to achieve these properties. This special filter provides both low waviness in the passband and stable suppression of the red wavelength range.

    Overview of the standard products of the wide UV bandpass filters
    DescriptionCWL (nm)Item# 25 mm dia.Item# 50 x 50 mm
    UV Broad Bandpass Filter 340nm340XRR0340ZRR0340

    Standard sizes are round with 25 mm diameter and square with 50mm x 50mm.

    Special cuts or customized filters with other passband or blocking ranges can be made. Please contact your technical advisor for further information.