UV bandpass filters

The nearly 50-year experience in coating processes and the new Magnetron Sputtering Technology combined with Japanese discipline, enables such outstanding specifications for all types of filters.

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    • Chemistry
    • Biotechnology
    • Medical technology
    • Semiconductor industry
    • Photovoltaics and more

    Product features:

    The ASAHI Spectra bandpass filters are designed with a narrow 10 nm transmission band in the UV range and reject unwanted wavelengths from 200 to 1200 nm. These bandpass filters set the standard for performance and reliability in UV bandpass filters.


    Spectroradiometry, medical diagnostics, chemical analysis, astronomy and wherever spectral isolation is required.

    Overview of the standard products of the bandpass filters
    DescriptionCWL (nm)FWHM (nm)Min. Transmittance (%)Item#
    25mm dia.
    50 x 50mm
    Bandpass Filter / 254nm2541020XBPA254ZBPA254
    Bandpass Filter / 260nm2601020XBPA260ZBPA260
    Bandpass Filter / 270nm2701020XBPA270ZBPA270
    Bandpass Filter / 280nm2801020XBPA280ZBPA280
    Bandpass Filter / 290nm2901020XBPA290ZBPA290
    Bandpass Filter / 300nm3001030XBPA300ZBPA300
    Bandpass Filter / 310nm3101035XBPA310ZBPA310
    Bandpass Filter / 320nm3201045XBPA320ZBPA320
    Bandpass Filter / 330nm3301045XBPA330ZBPA330
    Bandpass Filter / 340nm3401045XBPA340ZBPA340
    Bandpass Filter / 350nm3501045XBPA350ZBPA350
    Bandpass Filter / 360nm3601040XBPA360ZBPA360
    Bandpass Filter / 365nm3651040XBPA365ZBPA365
    Bandpass Filter / 370nm3701040XBPA370ZBPA370
    Bandpass Filter / 380nm3801045XBPA380ZBPA380
    Bandpass Filter / 390nm3901045XBPA390ZBPA390

    The bandpass filters are available as standard only in round 25mm diameter.

    Special cuts or customized filters with other passband or blocking ranges can be made. Please contact your technical advisor for further information.