UV shortpass filters

Nearly 50 years of experience in coating processes and the new Magnetron Sputtering Technology combined with Japanese discipline, enables such outstanding specifications in all types of filters.


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    Product features:

    The ASAHI Spectra UV short pass filters have very steep flanks between the reflection and passband regions, while maintaining very high transmittance in the UV transmission range. The spectral transmission properties are constant over the entire passband of the filters.

    UV shortpass filters can be combined in pairs with UV long pass filters to produce a variety of transmission bands.

    Overview of the standard products of the UV shortpass filters:

    Description Cut-off (nm) Thickness (mm)Item# 25 mm dia.Item# 50x50 mm
    Shortpass Filter / UV 265nm2651XUS0265ZUS0265
    Shortpass Filter / UV 300nm3001XUS0300ZUS0300
    Shortpass Filter / UV 325nm3251XUS0325ZUS0325
    Shortpass Filter / UV 350nm3501XUS0350ZUS0350
    Shortpass Filter / UV 350nm3501XHS0350ZHS0350
    Shortpass Filter / UV 385nm3851XUS0385ZUS0385
    Shortpass Filter / UV 385nm3851XHS0385ZHS0385
    Shortpass Filter / UV 400nm4001XHS0400ZHS0400

    The short pass filters are available in two standard sizes:

    • Round with 25mm diameter or
    • Square 50x50mm

    Special cuts or customized filters with other passages or blocking areas can be made. Please contact your technical advisor for more information.