FLIM system LIFA

LIFA is a complete system for the measurement of time-resolved fluorescence or FLIM (Fluorescence Lifetime-Imaging Microscopy). It can be very easily connected to all common fluorescence microscopes and allows extremely fast image acquisition, both in terms of measurement time in a few seconds, as well as the recorded processes from 0 – 300 ns with an accuracy of 30 ps.
Lambert Instruments’ Gen II and Gen III amplifiers are built into the setup to provide the highest resolution and sensitivity, even at low fluorescence in the spectral range from UV to NIR.
The whole system consists of a modulatable and amplified CCD camera, a modulated light source (LED or laser), a control unit for the modulation and a computer with LI-FLIM software. The camera used is either a HiCAM from Lambert Instruments, or the Toggel camera specially designed for LIFA.
LIFA can be used with a custom PC setup (see Specifications table for PC requirements). For more challenging applications, Lambert Instruments offers the STAMINA setup, which combines control (PC, software) with amplifiers and cameras.
The LIFA-TD system is a more affordable and simpler version compared to the LIFA, there the TRiCAM from Lambert Instruments is integrated. The entire system consists of TRiCAM and pulsed light source, which are connected to a fluorescence microscope. This allows TD-FLIM (Time Domain Fluorescence Lifetime-Imaging Microscopy) to be measured with one setup as a “turn-key solution”, the software automatically synchronizes the light source and camera, and lifetime results can also be calculated directly from the images with the software.


  • Time-resolved imaging and spectroscopy
  • Time-dependent fluorescence
  • FLIM (Fluorescence Lifetime-Imaging Microscopy)
  • FRET (Förster-Resonance Energy Transfer)
  • Imaging of NADH/FAD processes by fluorescence
  • Transport processes in membranes
  • Oxygen concentration imaging
  • Interactions between molecules, up to proteins

Software and accessories

  • Pulsed light sources from Lambert Instruments, optionally LED- or laser-based
  • Amplifier control module for automated measurements, limiting of the anode current to protect the amplifier and increased amplifier performance
  • Extensive on-site training by Lambert Instruments
  • Capture Software
  • Intensifier Control Software
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    LIFA Specifications

    System Performance
    Lifetime range0 - 300 ns
    Lifetime resolution< 100 ps (single pixel)
    Speed2 lifetime images per second (full frame)
    Spatial resolution26 lp/mm (Gen II); 19 lp/mm (Gen III)
    SensitivitySingle photon
    Intrascene dynamic range12 bit
    Camera input format1 inch
    Effective pixel size10.3 µm square (12.9 µm for lens coupled CCD)

    System requirements
    Operating system Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
    ProcessorIntel Core 2 Duo, 3 GHz
    Memory4 GB
    Hard disk300 GB
    Monitor24'' LCD monitor, resolution 1920 x 1080
    System should includeDVD R, IEEE1394, LAN/Ethernet, USB 2.0, keyboard, optical mouse
    System requirements (minimal)
    LI-FLIMAcquisition and lifetime modules, full digital control of hardware, viewer and image analysis tools; external control via ActiveX
    Software development kit (SDK) for CCD camera and control unitOffers full programmatic (C/C++) control of camera and of control unit functionality