Near-infrared spectrometer IndiGo NIR

The near-infrared spectrometer IndiGo NIR has a modular design and can measure emssion, absorption and transmission spectra from 720 nm to 1040 nm at a resolution of about 2nm (FWHM). The IndiGo NIR can be connected to Smartphone or tablet via bluetooth or to a pc via USB-connection.
When connected via Bluetooth, the device operates autonomous on battery and can carry out measurements for up to 8 hours.
For data acquisition and analysis, a PC application for Win10 (USB-C connection) and an Android application (Bluetooth 5.0 connection) are available to the user.
The generated data are compatible with all chemometric software programs (R, Solo, Unscrambler, Quasar…). Likewise, firmware adaptation to existing chemometric models is possible.

Optional modules allow the analysis of liquid or solid samples.

Additional modules

  • NIR reflectance module for solid samples

    The NIR reflectance module adds a continuous near-infrared broadband light source (from 700nm to 1100nm) for reflectance measurements to the IndiGo. During operation, the electronics are protected by an integrated sapphire glass window.
    This spectrometer is suitable for protein, dry matter, fat and sugar measurements on food, wheat and flours.

  • NIR reflexion or transmission for liquid samples

    Thanks to a standard cuvette holder this module allows nir spectral measurements on liquids, pastes or micro beads. Depending on the configuration the module consists of a broadband nir-light source (from 700 nm to 1100 nm) for relfexion or transmission measurement.

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    CMOS SONY IMX 464 - NIR enhanced sensor
    pixel size: 2.9μm * 2.9μm * 1538 lines
    Wavelength range720 nm - 1050 nm
    Spectral resolution <2 nm (FWHM)
    Slit (W x H) 25 µm x 3 mm
    Grating300 Lines/mm, 900 nm Blaze
    Integration time range1 ms-24 s (multi cycles acquisition available)
    Dynamic range20000 :1
    Signal to noise ratio1000 :1
    System configurations
    Battery10h in operation & 24h in standby mode
    Data format.txt – CVS
    Power5 V - 750 mA
    Environmental conditions
    Temperature0°C - 30°C operation & -10°C - 40°C Stockage
    Humidity 0 % - 90 % noncondensing
    Bluetooth5.0 Bluetooth low energy
    SoftwareCompatible with chemometric software
    WavelengthMade in factory with Hg / Ar low pressure lamp
    IntensityAvailable in option
    Dimensions76 mm x 45 mm x 53 mm
    Weight107 g