Accessories for First Contact™ Cleaning Polymer

For optimal use of First Contact™ Cleaning Polymer, the manufacturer offers a wide range of proven accessories.

Please call us if you have any questions regarding your specific application.

Applying First Contact™

The brush integrated in the screw cap of the applicator bottle is sufficient for applying First Contact™ solution to surfaces up to 30 mm in diameter.

For larger surfaces up to 100 mm diameter the use of a suitable hogs hair fan-shaped brush is convenient.

Special plastic pipettes are available for very small surfaces.

For First Contact Spray, spray bottles in different sizes with non-adhesive pump heads are available. A special thinner is available for cleaning the spray heads and, if necessary, for diluting the spray.

Removing First Contact™ cured film

All kits come along with a certain number of oval peel pads that are adapted to the amount of polymer contained. The peel pads are ideally suited for unmounted and uncoated optics. They are pressed onto the edge of the optics with firm pressure when the polymer film is completely dry. The polymer film can then simply be removed.

For sensitive and coated optics, the use of a chemical resistant nylon net is recommended, which, cut into strips, can also be inserted into the middle of the surface. Allow a free end of the strip to grip and peel off.

If you have to clean mounted optics, a curl of unwaxed dental floss can be placed on the slightly dried polymer film along the brim and bound with a few more drops of polymer. After complete drying, the polymer film can be removed with the free end of the dental floss. Instead of the unwaxed detal floss you might also use an O-ring.