Asahi Spectra

ASAHI Spectra Co., Ltd. was founded in 1970 in Tokyo, Japan and manufactures optical filters and light sources. In its long history, the manufacturer has developed various vacuum processes for filter coating, such as ion assisted deposition (IAD) or ion beam sputtering (IBS). These hard coatings have an excellent durability against environmental influences such as humidity, temperature fluctuations, thermal shock or vacuum conditions as well as an extreme stability of their spectral properties. Asahi Spectra optical filters are successfully used in a variety of industries, including biotechnology, medicine, instrumentation, semiconductors, astronomy, and education.

In addition, Asahi Spectra has developed optical instruments and light sources. They also benefit from the many years of experience in optical filter manufacturing and the company’s general optical know-how. This has enabled the manufacturer to meet the increasingly complex customer requirements associated with technological progress.

Thanks to the integrated manufacturing process of optical filters and light instruments, Asahi Spectra can apply its expertise in both areas and exploit valuable synergies.