Accessories for lighting instruments and sun simulators

Collimating lenses

By using a collimating lens at the fiber exit, a homogeneous illumination in square form is obtained instead of a Gaussian distribution.

  • Homogeneity approx. 90%.
  • 3 different types
  • Adjustable focus

Telecentric lens (parallel beam output)

In combination with a collimating lens (separate article), the additional use of one of the telecentric lenses achieves uniform, parallel illumination.

  • Homogeneous illumination
  • 2 sizes of illuminated areas
  • Constant illumination intensity at all working distances

Bestrahlungseinheit Abwärts

In der Verbindung mit einer Kollimationslinse (separater Artikel RLQL80-1) wird durch diese Bestrahlungseinheit der Strahl nach unten gerichtet. Dies ist besonders Hilfreich, bei begrenzten Platzverhältnissen

  • Homogenität der Beleuchtung ca. 90%
  • Einstellbarer Fokus

Irradiation unit downwards

These rod-shaped lenses/probes are mounted directly on the light guide and produce spot illumination.

The light is introduced directly into liquids without being altered by the material of the container (e.g. bulb, test tube) and its spectral properties.

The LGP2-30 is made of pure quartz glass and can therefore also be used with wavelengths below 280nm, no fluorescence.

  • Compatible with all light sources with light guide
  • Quartz probe with high chemical resistance
  • Washable probe
  • 2 variants with different spot sizes
  • Can also be used with Microtubes
  • Customer specific probes


High Condensing Focusing Lens KLQ Series

The use of this highly focussing lens on the optical fibre results in a very high illumination density.

  • Compatible with all light sources with fiber output
  • To bring high light output to a small area
  • 2 variants available, 2.5mm and 4.5mm diameter irradiated area
  • But fixed working distance

Direct collimation lens MDRLQ Series

The collimating lens, which can be mounted directly, achieves a significantly higher light intensity.

  • Compatible with MAX-303, MAX-350
  • Can be attached directly to the lamp housing
  • Highest light intensity
  • Homogeneous irradiation
  • Adjustable focus

Light guides

  • Compatible with LAX-C100, MAX-303, MAX-350, CMS-100
  • Hybrid light guides
  • Quartz light guide

Software for optical instruments

You can control the ASAHI Spectra optical instruments from the PC.
To download the software, the serial number of the instrument and our company name Mountain Photonics GmbH are required.
Some software is provided on CD-ROM only.

ModelsDownloadNamesCompatible ModelsWindows 7Windows 8.1Windows 10
MAX-350-S-NDLSoftware for Xenon Light SourceMAX-350MAX-350
LMC-S-NCD-ROMSoftware for Monochromatic IlluminatorHAL-320 CMS-100
CMS-APIDLProgram Control LibraryCMS-100
TLV-S-NDLSoftware for Transmittance MeterTLV-304-LC / TLV-304-BP / TLV-304-IR
  • Both a 32bit and a 64bit version are available. ASAHI Spectra supports both English and Japanese operating systems.
  • The manufacturer does not support Unix, Linux and MacOS.
  • You cannot use the ASAHI Spectra software on a Tablet PC.