HUARIS – Perspectiva Solutions

The company based in Poland manufactures mainly electronic and photonic devices and wiring harnesses for its customers on a contract basis and offers comprehensive project management in the R&D phase. In addition, Perspectiva Solutions specializes on the development and the manufacturing of laser beam profilers. With its brand Huaris they follow an innovative approach for laser beam profiling. During the development process the team always keeps in mind the customer’s application and focuses on the key functions of their own products. The result are long-life devices with a user-friendly front-end, highly developed back-end and a self-explaining software interface that deliver exactly the data, the user needs.
Recently, Perspectiva has developed a focus on AI to support the evaluation and monitoring of measurement data.
In addition, Perspectiva Solutions maintains a blog on their website, where they regularly respond to customer questions and issues regarding lasers and their measurement.