Software for current and temperature controllers for laser diodes and LEDs

Arroyo Instruments offers excellent software for the control of its products for free download.

Arroyo Control

Arroyo Control is a user-friendly remote control software for all Arroyo instruments, including multiple devices in simultaneous use. It gives you control over your laser driver or temperature controller, providing all the major settings, limits, and adjustments of the instrument in an easy-to-use Windows application.


The LabVIEW library provides nearly 100% coverage of all computer interfacing commands. More than 120 sub-Vis are clearly named with unique icons for each sub-VI, and have a consistent input and output pinning. Two sample programs are included, one for current and one for temperature control,  which you can use to quickly get up and running, modifying the program, or just using it as an example for your own application.

The library was built using LabVIEW 7.


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