If more light output is required than with the AvaLight-DHc, the deuterium-halogen light source AvaLight-DH-S can be used. The light output is about 300 times higher in the deuterium range and about 35 times higher in the halogen range than in the AvaLight-DHc. At 656 nm, a dominant deuterium emission line is formed, which limits the dynamic range of the light source. The alternative light source AvaLight-DH-S-BAL avoids this peak.

The deuterium light source AvaLight-D-S can also be purchased for the pure UV range. The standard version (190-400 nm) or the deep UV version (175-400 nm) are available.

The focus of the collimating lens can be adjusted to the numerical aperture of the connected fiber to maximize the coupled power.

The built-in TTL shutter allows very simple dark current measurement in conjunction with an Avantes spectrometer and theĀ AvaSoft

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