E3300 Single Spot Manual Optical Tweezers

The E3300 is an upgrade attachment especially for biophysicists, which is ideally suited as a single particle trap and for manipulation experiments in the micrometer range. In addition, cell manipulations can be performed very easily using conjugate beam steering optics or the microscope XY sample stage.

The E3300 is designed to be attached to a high-quality commercial instrument to convert it into a Photonic Force Microscope (PFM).


  • Cell manipulation using conjugate beam steering optics or microscope XY stage
  • Z trapping using microscope focus stage
  • Attaches to microscope camera or epi-fluorescence port
  • 1070 nm fibre laser with variable power
  • Uses microscope camera and illumination
  • Rotation of birefringent particles with optional polarisation optics
  • The system consists of an optical module which contains the laser, the beam guiding optics and the microscope interface. The optical module is connected to the microscope either via an additional module or a camera connection. Different interfaces are available depending on the manufacturer and model of the microscope.

    The laser beam containing the entrapped particle can be transported to any point in the field of view by manually controlling the conjugate optics. Alternatively, the particle can be held and the XY table can be moved. For applications where birefringent particles are rotated, an optional polarization optics and rotating holder can be added.

    A 1070 nm fiber laser delivers a stable TEM00 beam with an M² of 1.05. This high beam quality when used with high NA objectives results in a closely focused Gaussian point required for efficient optical traps, both in the XY and Z directions. The laser power can also be varied to change the strength of the optical trap.

    Technical data

    The optical tweezer system E3300 includes:

  • Optical module with microscope interface
  • Conjugate beam steering optics
  • 1070 nm laser with power monitor and display
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