E3500 Computer Controlled Multi Spot Optical Tweezer

The E3500 is a fully functional, computer-controlled optical tweezer system for the capture and manipulation of microparticles. Like the E3300, it is designed to be attached to high-quality commercial instruments and upgrade them to photonic force microscopes.

Typical applications are in biophysics, cell sorting and microrheology, in chemistry, in colloid research and in physics, particle spectroscopy.


  • Fully independent control of multiple optical traps
  • Cell manipulation using PC controlled acousto-optic beam steering optics or microscope XY stage
  • Graphical user interface for mouse control of optical traps
  • Z trapping using microscope focus stage
  • Linear or circular trapping arrays with variable spacing and rotation
  • Multiple independent arrays
  • Attaches to microscope camera or epi-fluorescence port
  • 1070 nm fibre laser with variable power
  • High speed camera
  • The system consists of an optical module containing the laser, the beam guiding optics and the microscope interface, and the control module with the drive electronics, the computer and the unique control software. The optical module is connected to the microscope either via an additional module or a camera connection. Various interfaces are available depending on the manufacturer and model of the microscope.

    The beam is controlled by acousto-optical high-speed beam deflectors. The unique design of the software and control electronics allows the creation and independent manipulation of multiple optical traps anywhere in the field of view. The high-speed GigE interface camera allows visualization of the trapped particles via the computer interface. The trap positions are superimposed on the video image for easy particle capture.

    The 1070 nm fiber laser delivers a stable TEM00 beam with an M² of 1.05. This high beam quality when used with high NA microscope objectives results in a tightly focused Gaussian point required for efficient optical traps in the XY and Z directions. The laser power can be varied to change the strength of the optical trap.

    Technical data

    The optical tweezer system E3500 includes:

  • Optical module with microscope interface
  • Acousto-optic beam steering optics
  • 1070 nm laser with power monitor and display
  • Electronics module with AO modulator drivers and computer interface
  • Computer with electronics interface modules
  • Computer monitor
  • GUI control software
  • High speed video camera
  • Laser blocking filter
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