Beta TX High Speed Modulation

This is a closed laser diode system, which could be operated CW or with high-speed modulation with a bandwidth of 50MHz. Red and infrared wavelengths are offered, very high diode power up to 200mW completes the product range.

Beam options

An aspherical high-performance lens is installed as standard. However, there are also other lenses available, including a circular beam optic and line generators. The focusing is very easy with a key to prevent unauthorized adjustment.

Operating modes

Stable output power in CW operation.
The modulation capability of the Beta TX is very beneficial in certain applications. This laser is ideal for scanning systems, especially for distance measurement through time-of-flight detection, where high-frequency modulation and increased signal discrimination offer a significant advantage. Broadband modulation also makes the Beta TX ideal for transmitting audio, video or data information, especially for outdoor communication.


There are two models. The Beta TX is connected via Flying leads and has an interlock and a TTL enable input. The Beta TX HS (High Speed) laser has a modulation input via a coaxial cable with BNC connector to increase the frequency response.


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    Scanning systems

    Distance measurement through runtime recording

    Transmission of audio, video and data information