Synchronous Detector

This detector expands the GLOBAL Laser Detector product group. It is specially designed for use with modulated lasers.

This module has a 5Volt switchable output and can therefore be easily used as a beam interruption system.

Complete independence from ambient light is achieved by the fact that the detector only detects certain modulation frequencies, other light is rejected.

In addition, the detector directly provides a modulation signal to the laser source. This results in a perfectly matched system. An LED light on the back of the module indicates high or low TTL logic levels. This significantly simplifies system integration.

A removable sleeve allows mounting with an M12x1 screw thread. The round housing, with its 15mm diameter, can also be clamped.

The large acceptance angle of 160° of the module additionally increases the functionality of the detector.

Please refer to the data sheet for further technical data.

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    • Distance measurement
    • Positioning
    • Surveying
    • General measurement applications at long working distances