LaserLyte Flex System

The LaserLyte Flex series is a compact plug-and-play system for beginners with a variety of possibilities in red (635, 650nm) and green (520nm).
Green laser light appears twice as bright to the human eye as the same laser power in red. Thus, a projection on dark materials and high ambient light, as well as at long distances is much better visible.
For all modules the focus could be adjusted manually with a focus key.

Beam otpions:

The system has a wide range of patterns, dots, lines and crosses to accurately align and position garments, fabrics, paper, wood and metal with different shapes and surface profiles.

Operating mode:

CW operation

Special feature:

A variety of accessories such as mounting brackets, cables and power supplies complete the plug and play system. Please also note the detailed data sheet of the manufacturer.

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  • Bekleidungsherstellung
  • Siebdruck
  • Reifenherstellung
  • Sägen, schneiden
  • Stoff schneiden
  • Patientenpositionierung
  • Ausrichtung einer Rotationspresse
  • Glasschneiden und Positionierung der Bohrer
  • Ausrichten von Grafiken