Further accessories Global Laser

Power supplies

The manufacturer GLOBAL Laser offers a variety of power supplies for the entire product range of lasers.
Lasers with diodes in the red and IR spectrum are typically operated at 5V, blue and green diodes at 10V. There are power supplies and battery supplies.

Mounting Clamps

Global Laser offers a wide range of mounts suitable for different installation situations and requirements, some of the them are kept very simple, in addition, very stable forms are offered.

Other accessories

  • 24V Inline Adapter
  • Laser Alignment Rails
  • IP68 Waterproof Housing
  • Laser Interface Box
  • ICs
  • Infra Red (IR) Detector Card

Detailed information of the Global Laser accessory can be found here.

Laser safety goggles

The manufacturer also offers a wide range of laser safety goggles for wavelength-range of their offered lasers. Particularly noteworthy are the (Visible Alignment) versions, by using them, the laser beam is sufficiently attenuated that it is harmless to the human eye, but still visible. With this special laser safety googles perhaps laser optics alignment is easy and safe. Various shapes and models, including wearing glasses, are available.

Further details such as wavelengths, and OD values for the laser goggles can be found here.