Fluorescence spectrometer IndiGo fluo with laser or LED excitation

The IndiGo fluo spectrometer from GoyaLab consists of the core module IndiGo UV/Vis and of a excitation source, either a LED (UVA, UVA-B, UVA-C) or a laser light source. The modular spectromter has a compact design and can be connected with smartphone or tablet (via bluetooth) or with a pc (with USB).

IndiGo fluo versions

  • IndiGo fluo UVA with 6 UVA-LEDs (375 nm)
  • IndiGo fluo UVA-UVB with 4 UVA LEDs (375 nm) and 2 UVB LEDs (300 nm)
  • IndiGo fluo UVA-UVC with 4 UVC LEDs (365 nm) and 2 UVC LEDs (2255 nm)
  • IndiGo fluo laser with laser excitation source (532 nm, 10 mW; optional: 100mW)

Possible applications

  • Authentication of banknotes and security ink
  • Anti-counterfeiting through taggants authentication embedded in products
  • Gemology / Analysis of the fluorescence of natural diamonds compared to synthetic diamonds
  • Agricultural fluorescence measurements (chlorophylls, anthocyanins)
  • Education and research
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    Specifications IndiGo core module

    Monochrome CMOS
    1280 x 5,4 µm (pixel size)
    Wavelength range380 nm - 780 nm
    Spectral resolution <1.5 nm (FWHM)
    Slit (W x H) 25 µm x 3 mm
    Grating600 Lines/mm, 500 nm Blaze
    Integration time range10 ms-24 s (multi cycles acquisition available)
    System configurations
    Battery1000 mAh
    10 h in operation & 24 h in standby mode
    Data format.txt .csv .pdf
    Power5 V - 750 mA
    Environmental conditions
    Temperature0 °C - 30 °C operation & -10 °C - 40 °C stockage
    Humidity 0 % - 90 % noncondensing
    Bluetooth5.0 Bluetooth Low Energy
    WavelengthMade in factory with HgAr lamp
    IntensityAvailable in option
    Dimensions76 mm x 45 mm x 53 mm
    Weight107 g