Raman spectrometer IndiGo Raman-532 nm

Like all of GoyaLab’s IndiGo products, the Raman-532 is an extremely compact spectrometer. It combines an IndiGo spectrometer with increased resolution with a Raman module, including laser, sample holder and protection function to protect from the laser radiation inside.
Due to the longer built-in diffractive optics, the IndiGo HR achieves a resolution of 0.2 nm, resp. 12 cm-1, the measured wavelength range reaches from 150 to 4000 cm. The laser in the Raman module is a continuous-wave laser with 150 mW and a spectral half-width of 0.1 nm. The detachable sample holder can be used to measure liquids or solids in a glass container, or you can manually bring samples to the focal point that you want to measure.
The Raman-532 can either operate autonomously with a battery life of up to ten hours, or it can be connected to a tablet or PC via Bluetooth or USB-C cable.
The freely available SpectroLab software, which can be installed on both PC (Windows) and mobile devices (Android), allows the instrument to be controlled, measurements to be performed and also spectra to be analyzed within the software. Currently, an add-on is being developed for this, which will allow the creation of chemical models and databases.

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    SpectrometerDimensions150 x 45 x 53 mm
    Weight250 g
    Optical resolution12 cm-1 at midpoint of shift
    Spectral range150-4000 cm-1
    Slits15 or 25 µm
    Diffraction grating600 l/mm, 580 nm blaze
    Sensor8.42 Mpx SONY IMX CMOS
    Rolling Shutter
    3840 x 2160 px
    2 µm pixel size
    Exposure1 ms up to 30 s
    (multicyclic measurements possible)
    Signal to Noise10000:1
    Battery10 h in operation
    24 h in standby
    Raman moduleLaser source532 nm CW laser diode
    FWHM 0.1 nm
    150 mW
    Cut off150 cm-1
    ObjectiveOlypus M PLAN 10X
    (50X or 100 X optional)
    Sample holderMoudlar and customizable sample holder
    Connection and interfaceData formattxt, CVS, SPC
    Power5 V - 300 mA
    Operating systemsWindows 10, Android
    USB connectionUSB-C
    SoftwareSpectroLab, compatible with KnowItAll
    CalibrationWavelength calibrationPolynomial calibration over 20 points with Neon lamp and Mercury Argon lamp