RG Raman spectrometer

The RG Raman spectrometers with available laser wavelengths of 405, 532, 633 and 785 nm provide high spectral resolution, high sensitivity and cover a wide spectral range. They use diffraction optics with a very high throughput and a very stable laser power, making them ideal for quantitative measurements or long-term measurements.
The high resolution especially in the low wavenumber range makes them ideal for elucidation of structures, as well as intermolecular processes of organic materials in these low frequency ranges.
The Miraspec software is connected to the PC (Windows 7, 10) via USB cable or to the smartphone (Android) via Bluetooth and allows not only operation and data acquisition but also qualitative evaluations (phase identification, creation of databases) or quantitative analyses (calibration of Raman peak height or intensity, spectral normalization).


  • Surface reinforced raman scattering
  • Materials science, chemistry, geology
  • Semiconductor technology, nanomaterials
  • Cosmetics, dermatology
  • Forensics, quality checks
  • Examination of polymers
  • Life sciences, pharmacy


  • Probes for different sample distances (6.25, 15 or 30 mm)
  • Probe extension for measurements on samples that are difficult to access
  • Contact probes for tissue samples or scattering media (focal depth 0-20 µm, 40-60 µm or 80-120 µm)
  • Lens covers
  • Sample holder
  • Light protection cover for protection of samples
  • Lens covers
  • Adapter for common microscope objectives (Olympus, Leica/Nikon, Zeiss)
  • Accessories for axial focusing
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    Feature vs. modelRG Raman 405RG Raman 532RG Raman 633RG Raman 785
    Laser wavelength*405 nm532 nm633 nm785 nm
    Power range on a sample0.1 - 30 mW0.1 - 150 mW0.1 - 50 mW0.1 - 100 mW
    Spectral range50 - 3700 cm⁻¹50 - 2500 cm⁻¹
    Spectral resolution3 - 5 cm⁻¹ 2 - 4 cm⁻¹
    Signal-to-noise ratio**1000:11200:1900:1900:1
    Physical dimensions145 mm x 120 mm x 50 mm (LxWxH)
    Weight600 g
    * Custom laser wavelengths are also available upon request.
    ** Determined as singal-to-noise ratio of a polystyrene spectrum at maximum laser power, integration time 0.3 s and 10 accumulations.