The uRaman series comprises three configurations. The base is the uRaman-M module. The uRaman-M module is a Raman spectrometer with integrated laser and can be easily integrated into most upright (uRaman-M) and inverted (uRaman-i) microscopes as well as leading microscope manufacturers such as Nikon, Olympus, Leica, Carl Zeiss, etc. The uRaman-M module is a Raman spectrometer with integrated laser. It can enable existing microscopes to perform Raman microscopy functionality without compromising their standard imaging modes or performance. It is also possible to stack multiple modules to achieve double or even triple measurements. Integrated with a 532nm, 633nm or 785nm laser and a highly sensitive linear array detector, the module includes power attenuation, laser safety interlock and user-friendly software.

For customers wishing to purchase the module with a microscope, the uRaman-Ci is available. It includes a Nikon Ci-L microscope in addition to the module.


  • Raman spectrometer with integrated laser (532nm, 633nm, 785nm) and filters
  • Easy integration on all common upright (uRaman-M) and inverted (uRaman-i) microscopes (Nikon, Olympus, Leica, Zeiss).
  • Dual or triple wavelength measurement using stackable modules
  • Simple and user-friendly software uSoft

uRaman-Ci complete system

  • Raman module uRaman integrated on a Nikon-Ci microscope
  • Add-ons for many imaging methods such as duck field microscopy, DIC, fluorescence possible
  • x-y Stage with uSoft mapping software optional
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