The uSight series includes two configurations. The u-Sight-2000 and u-Sight-X.

The uSight-2000 allows the user to perform UV-VIS-NIR measurements at the microscopic level. With a 100X lens, the diameter of the image spot can be reduced to 1µm. This is ideal for investigating the optical transmission, reflection or absorption properties of samples with microscopic structures. In addition to UV-VIS-NIR microscopy, users can also use additional imaging techniques such as fluorescence, Raman, darkfield, phase contrast, brightfield, polarization and DIC imaging.

Unlike the u-Sight-2000, the u-Sight-X integrates one or more lasers. It offers the user the flexibility to connect different types of detectors, from simple compact spectrometers to high-end spectrographs, via one fiber.


  • Integrated spectrometer (200nm – 1100nm)
  • High measuring accuracy thanks to patented technology
  • Suitable for transmission, reflection, absorption and photoluminescence measurements
  • Easy integration with all common microscopes


  • Integrated laser (532nm, 633nm, 785nm) with filters
  • SMA connector as fiber output for coupling existing spectrometers or spectrographs to the system
  • Suitable for Raman, photoluminescence or fluorescence
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