Si-Ware Systems

Si-Ware Systems, based in the USA, was founded in 2004 and, after intensive development, launched the world’s first MEMS-based single-chip FTIR spectrometers under the brand name NeoSpectra™ in 2014. The devices based on this technology score with a very wide wavelength range and a thoughtful design.

To make the spectrometers as easy to use as possible, Si-Ware has now developed a complete software infrastructure that connects the NeoSpectra apps with the NeoSpectra™ Cloud Portal. Analysis models can be created here in various ways by the user.

Through its collaborations with specialized laboratories, Si-Ware Systems also makes it easy for end users: a wide variety of laboratory-level analysis models are available in the Lab Store.

This makes Si-Ware Systems’ motto a reality: “Analyze Anywhere!”