NeoSpectra™-Scanner - portable NIR handheld spectrometer

The robust handheld scanner offers a complete solution for material analysis via near-infrared spectroscopy. Since the NeoSpectra scanner covers a very wide NIR spectral range of 1,350 nm – 2,500 nm, a very good analysis of the measured material is guaranteed. The large measuring spot enables optimal measurement of even inhomogeneous samples.

The fully integrated software infrastructure makes using the spectrometer as easy as possible: with NeoSpectra Collect or the NeoSpectra Scan app for mobile devices, measurements are recorded and transferred to the linked, data-secure NeoSpectra™ Cloud Portal. The measured spectra and analysis results can be viewed immediately on the mobile device and also in the portal. In the process, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification guarantees tested IT security. The security of the portal is also proven by its increased use in large corporations in daily practice.

  • Ergonomic and robust handheld device for direct field use
  • Scans are time and GPS stamped in the NeoSpectra Scan app
  • Long battery life and built-in memory for full mobile use
  • Integrated monitor shows device status and measurement process
  • Large measuring spot even allows the analysis of inhomogeneous samples
  • Wide wavelength range in the extended NIR enables diverse applications

Creating your own analysis models is very easy in the portal with a developer license: Either the reference data for the measurements is uploaded and the automated algorithms from Si-Ware Systems do the work. Alternatively, the desired models can be created individually with the included custom vector license, which offers maximum freedom.
By cooperating with specialized laboratories, Si-Ware Systems also makes it easy for end users: a wide variety of laboratory-level analysis models are already available in the Labstore.

The combination of multiple analysis models, robust IP65 classified hardware, as well as the possibility to perform up to 800 measurements on one battery charge make the NeoSpectra scanner the perfect solution for quality control, field measurements and other mobile measurements, even in harsh environments.

Possible application fields:
  • Agriculture: e.g. soils (1, 2, 3) or feed (4, 5, 6)
  • Food industry: e.g. grain, flour, authentication (7), chocolate or milk powder
  • Feed industry (8)
  • Textile industry
  • Plastic analysis
  • Quality control

Diameter measuring spot10 mm
Wavelength range1.350 - 2.500 nm
Resolution16 nm
Wireless connectivityBluetooth V4.2 BLE
Battery type
2 rechargeable batteries type 18650, replaceable by user, charging time 3 h for 80%
Battery charge time800 Scans (bei 2 s Messdauer)
Operating temperature-5 ... +40 °C
Ingress protection ratingIP65
Dimensions178 x 91 x 62 mm³
Weight1 kg

Creating an analysis model:

Analytical models can be easily created for a large number of substances. These allow conclusions to be drawn directly from a measured NIR spectrum about the composition of the measured material. For example, a corresponding analysis model can determine and output the protein concentration of the grain from the scan of a barley sample.
The prerequisite for this is that the measurement task can basically be implemented in the near-infrared range (1,350 – 2,500 nm) using product-specific bands. The analysis model can then be created in the following steps:

1. Collecting material samples
2. Measuring the samples with the NeoSpectra™ scanner
3. Characterization of the samples by reference measurements, for example by a laboratory
4. Creation of the analysis model via the NeoSpectra™ Cloud Portal or via custom vector Solo
5. Approving the analysis model via the portal for the intended users of the NeoSpectra™ Scan App