OCM SpectroNet Collaboration Conference

by Kathrin Beckstein

From 12.03.-14.03.2019 the OCM 2019 and the OCM SpectroNet Collaboration Conference 2019 took place in Karlsruhe. For three days, the focus was on the optical characterization of materials, ranging from technical developments in spectroscopy to experiences from data analysis projects.

The focus was on innovations in spectral sensors and hyperspectral imaging. Together with Si-Ware Systems and Camlin Photonics we presented the spectral FT-IR sensor NeoSpectra™ Micro as well as the hyperspectral imaging systems of the HYPERION HSI series.

On the first day of the SpectroNet Collaboration Conference our colleague Gabriele Straaß (Mountain Photonics) gave an overview of the advantages of hyperspectral imaging in food quality and presented possibilities and specifications of Camlin’s hyperspectral cameras in the session ‘Photonic Highspeed + Hyperspectral Sensors for Optical Characterization of Materials’.
Another exciting presentation was given by our partner Ahmed Korayem (Si-Ware Systems) in the session ‘Innovative Measurement Components & Systems for Optical Characterization of Materials’ with his presentation ‘Ubiquitous spectral sensing with FT-IR MEMS chip’ and presented the NeoSpectra™ Micro, the world’s smallest FT-IR sensor.
On the last day of the conference John Gilchrist (Camlin Photonics) spoke about the challenge to develop common standards in hyperspectral imaging and invited to the working group “IEEE P4001 Standard for Characterization and Calibration of Ultraviolet through Shortwave Infrared (250 nm to 2500 nm) Hyperspectral Imaging Devices”.
Overall, the event once again provided an excellent overview of current topics in optical characterization of materials and provided exciting insights into product developments and opportunities for intensive discussions. The great interest in our suppliers and their products could be clearly felt over the three days and already makes us want 2021!