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Clyde HSI has analyzed materials and dyes on historic tapestries using hyperspectral imaging in an academic collaboration with the Historic Royal Palaces, (more…)

As an official partner of Avantes, we are happy to announce the exclusive online launch webinar of the next-generation spectrometer, the Pacto. During this event on February 23rd, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the Pacto, see a live #demonstration, and get insights from Avantes’ in-house experts. Discover how the Pacto will empower […]

Are you looking for a new broadband photodetector for your laboratory?
Take the opportunity to test the NIREOS SPIDER free of charge for up to two weeks in your laboratory.

The modular handheld spectrometers of the IndiGo series provide precise spectral measurements of scientific quality and are particularly suitable for in-field use due to their compactness, their weight of only approx. 100 g and 10 hours of battery operation.

The Spanish painter Francisco de Goya spent the last years of his life in Bordeaux, France. He was not only very productive there, but also left a great impression on the local population, which continues to this day. Thus, due to his extraordinary use of colors, the exceptional artist also served as inspiration in finding the name of our new partner GoyaLab. (more…)

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We have recently started offering the miniature spectrometers from the Californian company Braodcom. The compact, modular devices for UV-VIS-NIR measurements between 190 nm and 1700 nm, are particularly well suited for industrial applications thanks to their consistent performance. The compact dimensions also make the Broadcom spectrometers interesting for integration into OEM applications:


With the Canadian company G2V, we have gained a new partner who has revolutionized solar simulation with conventional light bulbs through the use of LED technology and convinces above all in these points: (more…)

As promised, we only write when we have something to say. And we do have something to say with two great announcements: With G2V from Canada, we have found a future-oriented, forward-thinking partner who is taking solar simulation to the next level with the help of LED technology. In addition, our long-time partner Si-Ware is […]

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We are excited! From 4-6.10. we are exhibiting for the first time at the Vision in Stuttgart and show our hyperspectral systems as well as our light sources for optical inspection. Together with our partners NIREOS and CLYDE HSI we are looking forward to meet you in Stuttgart – hall 10, booth 10H30. Appointments welcome […]

Klevtech Consulting, an independent company that supports the innovative use of NIR technology in industry, analyzed 150 soybean meal samples with a wide range of concentrations of protein, fat and fiber. The measurements were carried out by the NeoSpectra™ Scanner and a benchtop spectrometer. (more…)

From 21.06.-24.06. we are at analytica in Munich, together with our partners for lab technologies: Meet our colleagues from Avantes, Attonics Systems, Integrated Optics, Si-Ware Systems and Prizmatix. Make an appointment under, we are looking forward to your visit in hall A2, booth 305!

In many scientific applications, very small changes in measured parameters are of great importance. For example, tiny changes in fluorescence may be evidence of significant changes in a biological system. (more…)

Book your preferred date via our contact form and visit us at booth B5 #339 – we look forward to seeing you!

We have a vacancy in our team!
As a Sales Application Engineer or Technical Sales Manager, your focus is on sales. You will be responsible for your own product lines, which you will be familiar with after intensive training by our team and the manufacturer.

Coherent and incoherent interferometry is well suited for the measurement of optics. The spectrally controlled interferometry approach developed by Äpre uses a spectrally controlled light source that combines the advantages of both techniques in a user-friendly method. (more…)

As part of the SHIELD research network, we support one of our heartfelt concerns: With our optical measurement technology we contribute to make domestic (organic) food cultivation safer and more efficient and to strengthen regional agriculture in international competition. (more…)

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The NIREOS team has published a 5-minute video tutorial for the HERA hyperspectral camera. It explains the key information about the camera and its technology in a simple and concise way (more…)

The radiance of a laser and the spectrum of a broadband light source:
With the SuperK Line supercontinuum lasers from NKT Photonics, we are enhancing our portfolio with affordable, efficient white-light lasers for applications in the VIS and NIR range. (more…)

Our longtime partner Ametek is closing further development and production of Singal Recovery’s lock-in amplifiers. As a result, we can no longer accept new orders for the expiring 7270 DSP and 7230 DSP models.

At the same time, we are glad to close this gap and introduce SynkTek’s MCL1-540 multichannel lock-in system. (more…)

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The increasing demand for efficiency, quality and safety in agricultural production is more and more answered by the use of non-invasive technologies along the processing chain. The eBook “Spectroscopy Applications in Precision Agriculture” by Avantes includes technical references and experimental data on spectroscopy applications for agriculture and food production. (more…)

With the Spectra Tune Lab we expand our range of light sources. The tunable LED features 10 individually controllable channels and is specially designed for scientific applications. (more…)

With the Spanish start up LEDMOTIVE we are happy to welcome a new manufacturer at Mountain Photonics!
Since 2012 the company – born as a spin-off of the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research and based in Barcelona – developes multispectral light sources and pocket-size spectrometers. (more…)

How is the interferometer light source determining what you can measure? With this question deals the white paper from interferometer manufacturer Äpre Instruments. (more…)

Milk is one of the most commonly used products and raw material for the production of all dairy products. Due to the increasing demand for quality, the analysis of milk components is therefore becoming more and more important for the dairy industry, as well as for the entire production chain of dairy products. (more…)

Gamma Scientific’s standard model GS-1164 has been proven for several years to measure color and luminance of displays at the same time from four different angles. It integrates four GS-1160B spectrometers in one housing, which all work simultaneously during the measurement. (more…)

The new MountainSphere from Mountain Instruments offers a wide range of possibilities in optical metrology, such as the measurement of spectral reflection, transmission or even the haze value. The MountainSphere-50/100 is available with a diameter of either 50 mm or 100 mm. The size of the measurement port is also adaptable and is changed by screw-on adapters. (more…)

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After some intense months of product development, we are proud to present the first highlight in the new year: the new MountainSphere, which is developed 100 % by Mountain Photonics under the brand Mountain Instruments. This flexible mulitpurpose integrating sphere allows various measurements – in an easy and convenient way. We are happy to present […]

The S300|HR is a high-resolution Fizeau interferometer with a diameter of 300 mm for the measurement of flat surfaces. This version of the device features 4-megapixel imaging and 4 optional sources. (more…)

Attonics Systems from Singapore offers with its compact spectrometer ATTO3 a complete solution for daily use in the lab or in-field. (more…)

New is always better? Not necessarily. Our partner Äpre Instruments proves that it can make perfect sense to update an aging interferometer with a comprehensive upgrade: The savings potential of an upgrade compared to a new investment is up to 60%. Read newsletter in webview

The research group around Wiktor Szymanski at the University Hospital Groningen is intensively engaged in the field of photopharmacology, or more precisely: in the research of safe and efficient treatment methods with active substances. (more…)

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It is not an easy task to clean sensitive optics gently and without residue. For years, the excellent cleaning and protective properties of the cleaning polymer First Contact® have been well known among experts. (more…)

Our dark laboratory at our headquarters in Landsberg is specially equipped for radio- and photometric measurements. In addition to our own instruments, we also have access to the measurement technology of our manufacturers, such as Avantes, Si-Ware Systems, Gamma Scientific or Arroyo Instruments. (more…)

With the new LaserSources 4400 series, Arroyo Instruments now also offers excellent drivers for high-power laser diodes up to 100 A of injection current. In the range from 10 A/56 V to 100 A/10V, numerous model versions are available. (more…)

There are different reasons why our customers value our service for custom optical measurements. For example, they want to measure a sample, but do not have the right measuring equipment in their laboratory. Or they are interested in investing in an instrument but would like to be convinced of its quality first. This is where […]

We had a special opportunity to show the possibilities of the NeoSpectra Scanner in following the invitation of the School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences HAFL to the internal demo days of the Soil Competence Center. (more…)

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Gamma Scientific’s white paper “Health and Sanitization through UV Lighting” describes possible ways to determine the required light levels and exposures to sufficiently sanitize a surface. (more…)

Since March this year, Raman spectroscopy has received considerable attention among scientists joining the research on COVID-19. Raman spectroscopy offers a powerful diagnostic method for observing molecular changes within the sample. Variations of this diagnostic technique, such as SERS (Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering) or TERS (Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering) allow even deeper insights into trace […]

Since March this year, Raman spectroscopy has received considerable attention among scientists joining the research on COVID-19. Raman spectroscopy offers a powerful diagnostic method for observing molecular changes within the sample.


Two of Chromacity’s laser systems,Chromacity OPO and Chromacity 1040, have been successfully used for research at James Watt School of Engineering at the University of Glasgow. (more…)

We are happy to welcome ISTEQ B.V., located in the heart of the technology campus Eidhoven, NL as a new supplier at Mountain Photonics. The company focuses on the development and production of laser pumped plasma light sources. Compared to traditional light sources, they cover a broader spectral range, offer a much higher radiance (brilliance) […]

We are looking forward to a new cooperation! The laser beam profilers from Perspectiva Solutions are now available at Mountain Photonics. The company, based in Zamość, Poland, is working on innovative approaches to laser beam profiling, which is successfully done with the devices of the Huaris brand.


The global market for fish and seafood has grown significantly in recent years. However, with this development also an increasing number of mislabeled fish and seafood along the processing chain in ports, markets and restaurants occures.

Dear customers,

In order to enforce the current Covid-19 containment guidelines and at the same time continue to be there for you, we have decided on corresponding measures.


The Swedish company SynkTek AB is the manufacturer of the multichannel lock-in amplifier, which was previously sold under the name 9210 via Ametek, Signal Recovery. The flexible lock-in platform is still available under a new name – and at a new, more attractive price. (more…)

The fiber coupler from Mountain Instruments can be used in combination with a free-space light source (laser driven plasma source, xenon arc, halogen, LED, etc.) with high radiance and a very wide spectral range from 200 nm – 2200 nm. Newly added are an iris diaphragm which allows to regulate the light intensity as well […]

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The young Optogama team focuses on the development and design of high quality laser and optical elements, crystals, laser gain modules and complete setups based on the latest scientific research.

For already three years the SpectralLED® RS-7 has been used by our customers as spectrally programmable source for absolutely calibrated radiance or irradiance.

The team from Optogama focuses on development and design of high quality lasers and optical elements, crystals, laser gain modules and complete setups based on latest scientific research.

Like every year, we clear out our storage and sell some devices to make some space for new things:


Gamma Scientific’s LambdaMeter measures the peak wavelength and power of a monochromatic light source in real time.


We are happy to offer you the following demo devices: 


Invitation to our workshop “Hyperspectral Imaging for quality control in production”.

Between 08-11 October you can convince yourself of the possibilities of hyperspectral imaging in our office in Landsberg am Lech. During a workshop we offer you the possibility to measure your own sample with the hyperspectral imaging system HYPERION HSI from Camlin Photonics in the visible and near infrared wavelength range. 

From September 30th to October 2nd the accompanying exhibition of the OSA Laser Congress will take place in Vienna.
We are looking forward to your visit at our booth #116.
Further information on the congress


We used the summer weeks to work on our product lines and to expand our offer in the field of optical measurement.
On this occasion we would like to introduce two new lines to you today, which will be distributed under the roof of Mountain Photonics:
Optosky from China, an experienced solution provider for Raman spectroscopic applications, and i2S, an innovative company from France, who is attracting attention with their terahertz camera TZcam.

The LASER – World of Photonics 2019 is over and for us at Mountain Photonics it was a great success. Especially our new product lines got an enormous response. Like the innovative spectroscopy products by Nireos from Milan as well as the second product of our own brand Mountain Instruments – a fiber coupler especially for the Energetiq light source EQ-99X LDLS ™.

Thanks to all our visitors at LASER World of Photonics 2019. Once again it was one of our highlights and we are looking forward to the upcoming projects! See you at next LASER from 21-24 June 2021!

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Gamma Scientific introduces the SpectralLED RS-7-6 Wide Field of View, an innovative tunable light source for sensor testing and calibration with ultra-wide field of view.
The light source provides very high uniformity across the entire field of view.

From 12.03.-14.03.2019 the OCM 2019 and the OCM SpectroNet Collaboration Conference 2019 took place in Karlsruhe. For three days, the focus was on the optical characterization of materials, ranging from technical developments in spectroscopy to experiences from data analysis projects. (more…)

LASER 2019 is approching quickly. Again you will find us in hall B2, booth number 340.

Together with our suppliers´ technical experts we will show you striking new products in thrilling applications.

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Si-Ware Systems begins series production of the world’s smallest FT-IR spectral sensor: the NeoSpectra Micro™. So that you too can quickly integrate the NeoSpectra Micro™ into your application, there are development kits available at particularly favorable prices until Christmas. Our topics: Series Production of NeoSpectra Micro™ Development Kits until Christmas at a special price Den […]

We’re cleaning out our demo equipment stock! As every year, we clear our storage area and sell some devices to make room for new ones. We are pleased to offer you the following demo units as part of our sales: Demo units 2018: Energetiq EQ-99X-S-EU Tunable Light Source mit Ulbrichtkugel von Zolix, Ltd. TLS2-X300P-IS100 Miniatur-Spektrometer […]