Acculase, Premier

The laser modules Acculase and Premier are very similar in size and technical specifications. A major different specification of the Acculase is the significantly better value for axial alignment of the laser beam to the housing. A factory-set alignment reduces bore sights errors enormously. Therefore, this module is particularly suitable for precision applications.
Both laser variants offer excellent quality in terms of optical and electrical performance data and this for an attractive price. The superior design of the control circuit ensures excellent stability of output power over time and temperature.
There is a wide range of wavelengths and power levels available.

Beam options

There are several circular or elliptical beam shapes, different lines and other diffractive optics options that can be combined with both modules.

Operating modes

Stable output power for CW operation with the LC (Linear Control) board. In addition, the output power of the module can be controlled. With the PWM (pulse width modulated version) board it is possible to switch on and off the module very fast with a TTL signal. The rise and fall time is around 0.5μs. This board also allows a pulse width modulation of the output power via a TTL input signal. This signal is only limited by the maximum rise and fall time of the installed diode.
By a different modulation of the laser, the laser intensity could be controlled, too.
There is also a 24V model available which can be operated with the industry standard 24V. The modulation options of the PWM version obtain here additional.


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