GuideLine 2 Laser System

The GuideLine 2 lasers are robust alignment lasers for industrial applications with materials like garments, cloth, paper, wood or metal.
The product group has an IP67 housing, a thread for easy mounting and can be operated with industrial voltage sources (24V).
There are two power levels in the bright red wavelength 635nm and also a version in green at 520nm. Green appears twice as bright to the human eye then the same laser power in red.
The focus can be adjusted externally without removing the front optics. This has a positive effect on the laser protection class.
Beam options:
These lasers can be equipped with a variety of line generators with exit angles of 20 ° to 90 °.
The installation of cross-optics is also offered.

Operating mode:

Special features:

  • Housing industry standard IP67
  • External focus
  • Screw thread for easy attachment
  • 24V input voltage

Please contact us for a custom solution that is not listed in the product documentation.