miniRaman spectrometer

The miniRaman spectrometer with its dimensions (112 mm x 39 mm x 34 mm) is an extremely handy spectrometer that can be used either in Lightnovo microscopes (miniRaman or RG), your own setups or simply as a handheld spectrometer. Models are available for measurements at laser wavelengths of 660 or 785 nm.
Despite the small size, an additional built-in reference channel allows automatic correction of Raman shift and intensity. This results in continuous calibration of the instrument and enables fast and reliable results.
The Miraspec software is connected to the PC (Windows 7, 10) via USB cable or to the smartphone (Android) via Bluetooth and allows not only operation and data acquisition but also qualitative evaluations (phase identification, creation of databases) or quantitative analyses (calibration of Raman peak height or intensity, PLS calibration, MCR, NNLS).


  • Materials science, crystallography, geology
  • Semiconductor technology
  • Cosmetics
  • Nanomaterials
  • Testing of polymers
  • Life sciences, pharmacy


  • Probes for different sample distances (6.25, 15 or 30 mm)
  • Kontaktsonden für Gewebeproben oder streuende Medien (Fokustiefe 0-20 µm, 40-60 µm oder 80-120 µm)
  • Lens covers
  • Adapter for common microscope objectives (Olympus, Leica/Nikon, Zeiss)
  • Microscope objectives (10x, 20x, 50x or 100x magnification)
  • Customized microscope objectives on request
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    Feature vs. model*miniRaman StandardminiRaman PowerminiRaman SERSMiniRaman Power DualminiRaman Standard Dual
    Laser wavelength785 nm785 nm785 nm660 nm and 785 nm660 nm and 785 nm
    Power range on a sample5-50 mW15-150 mW0.5-5 mW1-32 mW (660 nm)
    15-150 mW (785 nm)
    1-32 mW (660 nm)
    5-50 mW (785 nm)
    Spectral range400-2700 cm⁻¹400-2700 cm⁻¹400-2700 cm⁻¹2700-4500 cm⁻¹ (660 nm)
    400-2700 cm-1 (785 nm)
    2700-4500 cm⁻¹(660 nm)
    400-2700 cm⁻¹ (785 nm)
    Spectral resolution7-15 cm⁻¹ (slit size dependent; slit size can be customized)7-15 cm⁻¹ (slit size dependent; slit size can be customized)7-15 cm⁻¹ (slit size dependent; slit size can be customized)7-15 cm⁻¹ (slit size dependent; slit size can be customized)7-15 cm⁻¹(slit size dependent; slit size can be customized)
    Signal-to-noise ratio*500:11000:1100:11000:1
    Physical dimensions112 mm x 39 mm x 34 mm (LxWxH)
    Weight400 g (additional 200 g with an optional aluminium housing)
    *measured as singal-to-noise ratio of a polystyrene spectrum at maximum laser power, integration time 0.3 s and 10 accumulations.