14 days trial: SPIDER USB photodetector

by Kathrin Beckstein

Are you looking for a new broadband photodetector for your laboratory?
Take the opportunity to test the NIREOS SPIDER free of charge for up to two weeks in your laboratory.

The SPIDER is an amplified silicon InGaAs photodetector with programmable gain and an integrated 24-bit data acquisition system. The two-color detector used offers simple beam alignment and a wide spectral response, ranging from 320nm to 1700nm.

KEy features:

  • 24-bit USB photodetector
  • Crazily broadband: 320-1700 nm
  • Insanely sensitive: 10^9 dynamic range
  • Easy to use: plug & play software and SDK

If you are interested in testing the SPIDER in your laboratory for up to 2 weeks, please contact us. We look forward to your message at info@mphotonics.com.