Arroyo Instruments

Arroyo Instruments, California, designs and manufactures high-precision laser diode controllers, temperature controllers and laser mounts for test and measurement applications of semiconductor lasers and LEDs. Arroyo devices stand for innovation and state-of-the-art design architecture, an excellent price/performance ratio. They are based on decades of engineering experience in this field. The company always keeps an eye on changes in industry. Arroyo meets special customer requirements with great openness and an extraordinary flexibility.

Arroyo Instruments products include

Arroyo Instruments products feature

  • USB and/or RS232 interface per standard, remote control software and LabView drivers for free download
  • Excellent protection functions, such as programmable hardware limits for current and voltage, safety interlock, optically isolated photodiode etc.
  • Text-oriented menu navigation in an easy to read VFT display, unique in the benchtop class
  • Intuitive user guidance: Works “out of the box” immediately