Light sources

Avantes also offers fiber-coupled light sources to match the fiber-optic spectrometers. These include:

  • Deuterium-halogen light source with medium power: AvaLight-DH-S

  • Deuterium-halogen light source with medium power & balanced spectra: AvaLight-DH-S-BAL

  • Deuterium-halogen light source with low power, compact: AvaLight-DHc

  • Halogen light source with medium power: AvaLight-HAL-S-MINI

  • Pulsed xenon light source: AvaLight-XE

  • LED light source and calibration light source for wavelength: AvaLight-CAL

  • LED light source and calibration light source for intensity (fiber-coupled for irradiance, UV/UV VIS): AvaLight-DH-CAL

  • LED light source and calibration light source for intensity (fiber-coupled for irradiance, VIS/NIR): AvaLight-HAL-CAL-Mini

  • LED light source and calibration light source for intensity (fiber-coupled for radiance, VIS): AvaSphere-50-LS-HAL-CAL

  • Fiber-coupled LED light source: AvaLight HPLED

Cosine correctors

To capture light from an angle of 180°,  cosine correctors, also known as "diffusors", are used. Avantes offers four different models for different wavelength ranges and different sizes of the active area.

Automatic shutter for convenient dark current subtraction

For exact measurement results, usually a dark current measurement of the detector is required in advance. The DA-Shutter (Direct Attached) makes this much easier. It is attached directly to the SMA input of the spectrometer in front of the input fiber. It is controlled via a TTL signal, which is either from the spectrometer or from an external TTL source. The shutter motor is designed for 5.000.000 cycles in 24/7 operation.

Collimation lenses

To collimate divergent light into a parallel beam, Avantes offers three types of collimation lenses.

Variable collimating lense holder

For transmission measurements of samples with various sizes and thicknesses, the variable collimating lense holder, which is variably adjustable in length and height of the optical path, is the perfect tool.

Flow cells

For inline absorption or fluorescence measurements of liquids, Avantes offers flow cells with ¼“, ½“ and 1“ diameter. All of them provide two integrated collimating lenses and two SMA connectors. For very small liquid volumes, there is a 1.5 mm micro flow cell with PTFE tubing and two special connecting fibers.

Direct-attach beam splitter/ beam combiner

The small beam splitter/ beam combiner allows to simultaneously use a spectrometer with two light sources or, the other way round, to use two spectrometers with one light source. It can be directly mounted to an Avantes spectrometer or light source and thus eliminates the fiber interface.

Filter holder

If your application requires a filter in the optical path, Avantes offers various options:

  • FH-INL-1“: for 1" filters from 1-6 mm thickness

  • FH-INL: for ½" filters from 1-8 mm thickness

  • FH-DA: for ½" filters for direct mounting on an Avantes light source

All models are equipped with SMA connectors and two collimation lenses for the UV/VIS/NIR range.

Fiber optic multiplexer

To configure systems which enable a single light source and spectrometer to perform multi-point serial measurements, Avantes offers the FOM multiplexer in three versions: 1 input to 16 outputs, 2 inputs to 8 outputs and 4 inputs to 4 outputs.

Fiber optic switch

The Der FOS-2 (Faseroptische Schalter) provides two optical paths to the light source via Y-fiber for switching between an active measurement and a reference measurement. The switch can be controlled either directly from the TTL output of the spectrometer or from an external trigger.

Reference tiles

For diffuse reflection measurements, Avantes offers the WS-2 reference tile. For specular reflection measurements the RS-2 is available. A special mirror reference is available for mirror reflections. NIST traceable calibrated versions are also available.