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Avantes offers a wide range of accessories suitable for fiber-optic spectrometers, but also for many other applications. These include e.g. Light sources (deuterium, halogen, xenon, calibration lamps) Integrating spheres Cosine correctors Optical fibers & probes Automatic shutter for comfortable dark current extraction Collimation lenses Cuvette holders Flow cells Beam splitter/ combiner Filter holder Fiber optic […]

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All Avantes spectrometers come along with AvaSoft-Basic for all basic functions. The software extension AvaSoft-Full offers additional options and possibilities and is needed for the implementation of other software add-ons. AvaSoft-COL for color measurement AvaSoft-IRRAD for absolutely calibrated measurements of irradiance AvaSoft-CHEM for the determination of chemical concentrations AvaSoft-PROC for pass/fail selection in processes The AvaSoft-ALL package […]

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AvaSpec-NIRLine: compact fiber optic laboratory spectrometers up to 2500 nm The spectrometers of the Avaspec-NIRLine are available with cooled or uncooled InGaAs detectors in a spectral range from 900 to 2500 nm. All NIRLine spectrometers are fully compatible to the spectrometers of the StarLine and SensLine. By selecting the appropriate grating and entrance slit, you […]

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