LaserLyte Alignment Systems

The LaserLyte Alignment Series is a compact plug and play system with a variety of possibilities in red and green. These lasers can also be used if no technical laser expertise is available.

Some modules have an externally adjustable focus over a large distance range. The front lens does not have to be removed.

Beam options:

The system has a wide range of patterns and an adjustable line. There is also a cross option with adjustable cutting angle.

Operating modes:

CW, for point optics with mechanical intensity adjustment.

Special feature:

A variety of accessories such as mounting brackets, cables and power supplies complete the plug and play system. Please also refer to the manufacturer’s detailed data sheet.

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    • Garment industry
    • Cutting fabric
    • Silkscreen
    • Sewing and embroidery
    • Tire manufacturing
    • Sawing, cutting
    • Positioning of patients
    • Alignment tasks
    • Glass cutting and drill positioning
    • Graphic orientation